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Monday, 10 October 2011

You May Have to Come Down in a Min

So, home… An anticlimax really.
V had spent five days in hospital and returned home without a baby. Don’t get me wrong, we were glad that she hadn’t had our baby yet as it gave little one more time to cook and therefore they’d be more developed and stronger. But we still felt like we had wasted five days (and £50 in parking) with nothing to show for it.
V’s brother came round that evening so sit with her while I went shopping for food. V’s friend had made me a lasagne and dropped it round to keep me going whilst rushing back and forth to the hospital. But, the cupboards were bare!
When I got back, V told me she had experienced another smaller loss of fluid whilst she had been sitting talking. She ad been leaking fluid since her waters broke so we weren’t overly concerned. Plus we were due to see the day assessment team the next day so we would get it checked out then.
We had dinner and went to bed, both a bit knackered from the week of events we had just had.
At about 3am, I woke up and noticed that V wasn’t in bed, I assumed she had gone to the loo so thought no more of it. She had complained of a bad back so I assumed she had trapped wind or something along those lines.
At 5.41am I got a text message, I was asleep and it takes more than one noise to wake me! But I got a second at 6.02am. Curiosity got to me and I checked who was trying to get in touch. The first text was from V saying
“You may have to get up in a min x”
The second was also from V, but less cryptic: “Can u bring me a drink pleaseeeeeeeeeeee”
I went downstairs and found V sitting/ lying on the sofa. She told me she’d had a really bad backache all night and couldn’t sleep. The pain was sporadic and had no rhythm to it. There was just a dull ache followed randomly by sharp pain, which V put down to her moving in a certain way. We thought it may be a water infection but agreed to wait until 11am, when V had her appointment.
But the pain got worse, we called the day assessment team and they said come in just in case. We were taken in to a delivery suite for examination when we arrived. They put a monitor on V and showed baby’s heart beat was normal, it also showed no contractions, so they ruled out labour. The next assumption was the same as ours, a water infection. They gave V a paracetamol to help the pain.
When they tested V’s water, no sign of an infection, so we waited for the consultant to finish a caesarean before she would come and speak with us. After half hour or so the consultant came in and was briefed by our midwife. She agreed with the midwife that it was probably a water infection but as V was in a lot of pain they agreed to examine her. They also gave V Entinox (gas and air) to help with pain until the paracetamol kicked in.
When the consultant examined V, she went quiet, not noticeably so for Vicki who was now high! But enough that I picked up on it. She said she thought the cervix may be open and that she could feel baby’s head!
Er… Come again?
She took her time but then confirmed that V was about 6cm dilated and that she would be admitted immediately…
We were in a bit of shock, as you can imagine. V was worried that the baby may not be well enough and might have to spend time in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) when he/ she was born. The midwives and consultant assured us that they would assess the baby as soon as it arrived and make a decision from there but would talk us through everything so we knew what was happening.
I ran down to the car, put more money on the meter and grabbed V’s hospital bag… Barely repacked from the day before!
On my way down I called work to say I wouldn’t be in that afternoon, updated the mothers, and called Dean who re-assured me that all would be fine but to call him with any concerns at any time day or night.
We were going to have our baby!

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