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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday's Thought - 13th October 2011

So, my friends PinkOddy and TheRealSuperMum, have started a new Thursday's Thought Meme - you can view it here

The rules state that any family friendly topic can be discussed with a view to starting a discussion.

So with that in mind and based on recent events, my Thursday's Thought is:

Are you an iPhone, an Android, or a BlackBerry?

I can see the pro's and con's of them all but who do you think is the better brand and are you so loyal to one that you can't see yourself ever changing to another?

I'm an iPhone. It took me a while to get on board with the whole smart phone era, I had a Nokia N95 when they came out but only because it had the best reviews at the time (how Nokia have slipped eh!). My wife (V) got an iPhone as soon as they came out and has never looked back.

I'm not saying I'd never switch, but at the moment, the competitor's products don't seem as polished to me or have as good a user interface.

Brief overview of my thoughts on each marque:

Apple has released it's latest ios 5 software update and judging by how long it took me to upgrade last night, thousands, maybe millions of people have already got it instaled on their iPhones. The new iPhone 4S was not the much lauded iPhone 5, more a refresh of the iPhone 4. This caused a lot of outrage but I can't see why, Apple have always upgraded the old phone before introducing a new one (See iPhone becoming iPhone 3G, then 3GS, then 4, and now 4S). The brand seems as strong as ever and for me it's still the best.

The rebel! Seems to me that Android came out because developers were angry at the way Apple only allow approved apps to go on their Appstore. I've been told that Android has the better array of apps but I've never tried it so can't say for sure. I believe that the open developing of apps and operating systems is the way forward. Maybe if a phone is produced that can match the iPhone in looks and has as good an operating system, I'll consider switching?

For me, BlackBerry is a superb messaging device... And that's all. I have used BlackBerry's for work and they are perfect for what I needed them for. Their ability to handle emails etc is second to none. But is it a one trick pony? I think BlackBerry need to pull their socks up as they're in danger of being left behind. Especially now that their one true strength,BBM, has a genuine competitor in Apple's iMessaging service.

So, what do you think? Are my opinions above biased by my love affair with the iPhone or do you agree?

Please take five minutes and let me know as I'm genuinely interested in your opinion.

Thanks for reading


  1. Steph, Bump, Birth & Beyond13 October 2011 at 08:49

    I love my Blackberry while Dean has an Iphone. I was very jealous of his Iphone when he first got it, but we couldnt justify the expense for me to also have one, so I 'settled' for a Blackberry and now LOVE it.

    It does everything I need out of a phone - which I do mainly use for work purposes to be fair (who still have time for playing games and a social life?!??). I can read emails from mulitple accounts really easily, check attachments, sort out my FB and Twitter accounts and make phone calls - all more easily than from Iphone (in my opionion anyway).

    My BB has a pretty poor camera, no ability to record video and doesnt really do apps - but these arent especially important to me. Because my phone has no games on it, it also means the kids leave it alone ;)

    SO love my BB, although all the lack of service in the last couple of days has been really annoying!

  2. I am definitely team iPhone. Perk of having a husband that works in the industry is he knows a lot about phones. I had a SonyX before (android) and hated it, really didn't get the Market place.

    By the time I had a play with a blackberry I'd already been using an iPod touch for a while and so it was a no brainer.

    I do see why there's a lot of disappointed people with the 4s but that's also to do with iOS5 which became available to download on your older iPhone yesterday.

    Thanks for joining in :)

  3. I was a fool and went for an android which is slow slow slow! And even more foolish I signed up for 24 months! Roll on Sept 2012 when I can get an iphone :-)