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Monday, 10 October 2011

Third Trimester

‘Officially’ we entered third trimester on 23rd June 2011, according to the various tickers we had running!

So here we go, striding in to the third trimester, no concerns – at least none out of the ordinary – and trying to get things finished at home, ready for the arrival of our bundle.

The third trimester for me, started with V making a list of things that had to be finished in the house before our due date came around; a snagging list if you like. Some easy items, a couple a bit harder but nothing taxing. At the time I was also working hard in the garden to finish off the patio that we had put in. As we had loads of time before the small one arrived I carried on outside mainly and did a couple of the smaller jobs to keep V sweet.

To add stress to the situation though, I applied for a new job internally. It was a bizarre situation as the job was something I knew I could do standing on my head and was also covering things I have already done for my company. This meant that although I could read up on procedures and policies etc. I was just reading things that I already knew, and it felt like things weren’t sticking in my brain!

The interview came and went, I thought I gave a good impression but knew there was also so much more I could have said (isn’t that always the case). I left not knowing whether I had done enough or fallen short. There were seven positions in total, one for each of our “neighbourhood offices” – I had put down for the two most local to us, a ten minute journey to each as I’m slap bang between them.  To make a long story short, I was successful but not for the two local offices. I’ll cover this in detail at another point.

All in all, 3rd trimester was turning out to be a bit of a breeze for me. V was obviously getting more of a bump, but nothing spectacular. We put it down to her being tall and that the baby must have plenty of room to move up and down before pushing out. The tiredness that had dogged in the first tri was also returning and with the heat – although not scorching – in the summer, poor V was generally uncomfortable 24/7. Add to that the kicking in the ribs that the bundle was giving her, v was not her happiest, even though she was still very excited and a little nervous about the fast approaching due date.

Perhaps more exciting was that V was due to give up work on the 11th of August. This would give her six – yes, six – weeks off before her due date. Her office had been really flexible and allowed her to save up annual leave and take it all before she started maternity leave – jealousy is an understatement!

I picked V up from her office at 4:30pm and off home we trundled with a car full of balloons, cards and presents! I think this was just to increase my envy – I love balloons! ;)

When we got home V went upstairs and got changed while I put the kettle on and made us a drink. I went in to the front room and looked at what V had been given. V came down and went to sit in the armchair and read her cards properly as she had only glanced at them at the office.

This is where is went a bit odd for me, sort of a slow motion effect that any good film director puts in at a crucial point of a movie.

V was hovered above the chair and slowly sat down, as she was an inch from the cushion “Oh my god….  I’ve wet myself”. I looked over and V had stood back up like a shot, trying to stop her bladder from emptying over the carpet.

“It won’t stop… it feels weird… I don’t think it’s wee…”

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