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Monday, 10 October 2011

New Arrival

When I got back to the delivery room we were in, everyone was gone!
I asked a nurse in the corridor and they told me they had moved V to a room with a view!.... Of the car park!
When I entered the room V had changed in to a snazzy hospital issue gown and was walking about with the Entinox tube in her mouth! She was talking with the midwife to check that no-one in the car park could see her – apparently not, the windows were one way. This was a relief to V.
When I put the bags down, I unpacked V’s water mist spray, lip balm and a straw for the water (essential as no-one wants to have to work for their water in labour!). The midwife also asked me for a vest, sleepsuit and hat for baby. I passed these to her and she laid them on the Resuscitaire©. This was where our baby would be checked after he or she was born to make sure all was ok.
We were told that a paediatric nurse would be in the room when our baby was born as she would be five weeks early and they wanted to ensure all was well and determine if they would need to spend any time in SCBU. It made things much better that they explained what was happening and didn’t just leave us on our own to worry what this trolley was for.
We had a midwife with us the whole time we were in the delivery room. We only found out afterwards that this was because V had been classed as a high risk birth – we weren’t surprised to hear that but it was nice of them not to mention it during labour.
It was now about midday and V’s pains were becoming more frequent, although they weren’t showing up as contractions on the monitor, the midwife said that sometime preterm labour can be in the back!? Baby’s heartbeat was solid throughout.
The midwife asked me about birth preferences…. Shit! The one thing we forget to bring with us! Luckily I remembered what we discussed and those things we hadn’t I made the decision on based upon what I felt was best. V was in no mind to make those kind of decisions and I felt happy that I had been of use, even if only to the midwife!
I was still feeling remarkably calm, it is one of my traits to be laid back, but I thought I would be more on edge that I was. I saw my role as making sure V was alright and checking she had everything she wanted and/ or needed. She could then concentrate on one thing.
V was getting very emotional, who could blame her, but never really lost her cool. Her main concern at this stage was that the Entinox would run out or stop working.
She was at one point determined that it had stopped working. For those of you who don’t know, Entinox has the opposite effect of helium on your voice, it makes it lower! So, V was saying to me “It has run out” and I knew it hadn’t because she sounded like Darth Vader!
She took about a minute away from the gas and air and then started again and was re-assured that it was working when she went light headed!
The contractions were getting closer together now and the midwife who had been previously telling V not to push, told her to push if she felt it – I don’t know how you would feel it but V must have known what she meant.
Some pushing later and V was a bit frustrated. She didn’t feel that our baby was moving at all. Several times she got a bit panicked and no matter what I did  could not re-assure her that things were going well, only when the midwife re-assured her did she calm down and focus on pushing again.
V also sore at one point and I have never heard her apologise so much, she only said the f word, not exactly the worst I imagine the midwife has heard!!!
The midwife told us that the head was slowly moving down and was currently trying to go round “the u-bend”, like in a toilet. V pushed and pushed and slowly the baby edged him/ herself further down.
The midwife advised V that she should have a wee as a full bladder can sometimes prevent baby from passing along the birth canal. V could not go on the bedpan so the midwife put in a catheter and V was amazed that she was weeing without knowing it! :)
Things got a bit quicker from then onwards, the midwife told us that she could see baby’s head clearly and that in  a couple more pushes, baby’s head would be born. She said that at this point she would ask V to not push until she was told to. Just as promised, a couple more pushes and our baby’s head popped out, closely followed by the rest of them.
Now I have watched One Born Every Minute and seen plenty of births on here, but never have I noticed the mothers stomach deflate so quickly when the baby is born! I have also never felt such a wave of emotion come over me when the baby’s on TV are born!
The midwives were doing what they do, checking things were okay, putting clamps on etc, I gave V a huge hug and congratulated her. She was amazing, no fuss made at all, just got on with things.
V asked me if it was a girl or boy but I couldn’t tell as the umbilical cord was in the way! What seemed like a minute (but was probably more like half a second) passed and the cord was moved.
She was a baby girl!
We were certain that we were having a boy and really would have been happy either way but I knew V wanted a daughter and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t wanted a daughter. V was overjoyed.
I cut the cord and they took our baby daughter off to be checked on the trolley. If I’m honest I was surprised when they said that she was fine and could remain with us, not needing to go up to SCBU. Our daughter was swaddled up and passed to V for her first cuddle. I have never been happier than seeing V’s face when she held her daughter for the first time.
I have also never felt prouder when I held her myself, she was and still is the most beautiful baby girl in the world. I am biased I know, but you will never change my mind on that!
V had a slight tear so I held her whilst the midwife delivered the placenta and stitched V’s tear. We then laid our daughter down in the heated trolley whilst I helped V to have a shower.
We then discussed names briefly and I decided that we would call her LC (obviously an abbreviation on this site). V was happy with the name and that was that! I called our parents to tell them the wonderful news and sent out the new father text to all of our close friends.
V has said to me since that she was a bit disappointed that I didn’t cry. I have thought about this and I can only assume I was so nervous that our baby would be healthy and overcome with other emotions. I certainly don’t feel bad at not crying as I know it was the happiest moment of my life no matter what!
After a sandwich for V and a cup of tea for us both, V had a quick lesson in how to get LC to latch on before we returned to the labour ward. V had again been given her own room and this time she had a TV.
All was good in the world and we had an extra person to keep V company in the room.

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