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Wednesday 1 February 2012

Snow - Random Post

Anyone who knows me, knows I love snow... No, not like it, LOVE IT!

There's no one reason why, it's a whole raft of things:

FUN: I find it great fun to do anything in the snow: walk, skid about, kick it, throw snowballs at people or my mum and dads dog.

COLD: I have no idea why but I hate being hot. At the moment it's about 3-4 degrees in Bromley and when I get in from work i'm happy to just sit about in shorts (t-shirt optional) whilst V is snuggled in ten layers of clothing. So snow is perfect for me, I may wee a coat when it snows but only as melts snow gets wet, not because I'm cold.

PRETTY: snow makes everything look pretty. A blanket of white over the most ugly building/ car/ whatever in to a dramatic scene.

KIDS: children, generally, love snow too and I think nothing is better than watching kids play in the snow and have good old fashioned fun.

SLEDGING: great fun! I love throwing myself down a massive hill on a bit of plastic. My old office had a long, downhill drive and I always took my sledge along for lunchtime games.

All in all, I love everything about it and am doing a now dance every hour on the hour in the hope that Bromley gets a nice coating before the warm weather returns.

Hopefully we'll get some and I can show LC what it's all about. Surely 6 months is old enough to make your first snowman???

I you get snow, enjoy it an pray that I see some too :-)

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