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Wednesday 21 December 2011

It's Christmas Time!

Wow, time really does fly!

LC is now four months (and five days) old and Christmas is upon us! Needless to say that the whole family are going to spoil her rotten over Christmas and she has even sneeked in a few early presents too - cheeky thing!

I'm really looking forward to our first Christmas all together; I suppose, in theory, LC was with us last Christmas, just finding her way out of mummy's Fallopian tube, but this year will be the first when she is actually with us and we can enjoy her company!

She has turned in to a real character over these four months and has really made my life complete. Granted she may nag me from time to time - and yes, I do mean nag! - but she also has the cutest little smile I have ever seen. That smile can brighten my whole day, even if I return home from a hard day at work.

On the nagging front, she is quite amusing. Unless she has your undivided attention, she shouts at you - not crying, shouting! She has also learnt to "talk" to us and really tries to immitate the movements of your mouth when you talk back to her. The most amusing part of LC finding her voice is that around 3-4am every morning, she "sings" to herself. It must be to herself as our room is pitch black, unless the cat has found a way of opening the door while we sleep!? Once she has finished her "song" she settles herself back down and we don't see or hear from her again until morning!

We have had, about three weeks ago, some giggles but these haven't been heard since, although they must be just around the corner when she smiles so big her head nearly drops off!

It's been a wonderful four months and five days and Christmas is the perfect end to a wonderful start to family life. 

Merry Christmas to you all - if there is anyone who actually reads this :) - I hope yours is as good as mine will be xx

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  1. Love the chatting/singing in bed, so funny to listen to. But I love that they are obviously happy and relaxed enough to do it.